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How WALTR's Smart Water Monitor Can Help You Conserve Water

How WALTR's Smart Water Monitor Can Help You Conserve Water

conserve water with  waltrs —  smart water monitor
conserve water with  waltrs —  smart water monitor

Water scarcity is a significant issue in India, with a growing population and increasing urbanization putting pressure on water resources. According to a report by the NITI Aayog, India's premier think-tank, by 2020, 21 Indian cities will run out of groundwater, affecting 100 million people. Further to this, one of the major causes of water wastage in buildings is through water tanks. Water tanks are commonly used in Indian buildings to store water for daily use, but due to the lack of proper maintenance and monitoring, they often leak, leading to significant water wastage.

According to a study conducted by the Central Ground Water Board, up to 50% of the water stored in water tanks is lost due to leaks and other inefficiencies. This wastage can be reduced through regular maintenance, repair of leaks, and installation of water level monitors to ensure that the water tank is not overfilled.

While running water and flushing systems remain one of the most prime reasons for water wastage, the absence of a centralised water management system for water tanks that can inform residents about the overflow still tops the charts as the major factor. While most water tanks in homes, residential buildings, office buildings do incorporate a sensor system that raises an alarm, the efficiency of such systems is highly questionable. Moreover, these systems are only designed to raise alarm when the water level reaches a pre-defined level. They are not aligned electronically to give the users a detailed breakdown of water usage, tank maintenance, or remote information, hence playing no significant role in water conservation.

This gap in greater demand of a streamlined system versus a simple sensor is perfectly filled with water level monitors. Installing water level monitors in water tanks is a good way to reduce water wastage in buildings and homes. Water level monitors can help you keep track of the water level in your tank, allowing you to know when it's time to fill it up and when you need to conserve water.

Waltr’s Smart Water Level Monitor addressing the water scarcity crisis

Waltr’s Smart Water Monitor is a device designed to help you conserve water by providing real-time insights into your water usage. The water monitoring device is wireless and can be managed from anywhere through an app that is available for multiple platforms. This feature allows users to monitor the water level and usage from anywhere, anytime. Users can even manage the device from their smartphones or tablets, making it easy to use and access.

Adding to its benefits, the water level monitor is weather-proof and can withstand harsh weather conditions. This feature ensures that the device works reliably even during extreme weather conditions. Users do not have to worry about the device malfunctioning due to weather conditions. It provides hourly, daily, and monthly inflow and outflow data for the tank. This enables users to monitor their water usage patterns and make necessary adjustments to conserve water. Furthermore, it helps to monitor the water system's health. It is capable of identifying issues such as leaks or clogs in the water system so that users can address them before they become significant problems. Additionally, users can share the tank details with anyone they want, so the recipient can manage the tank. This feature comes handy for people who have rented their place or are away from their homes for an extended period. They can give access to a family member or friend who can monitor the water level and usage in their absence, to both conserve water and save energy bills.

The smart water technology designed by Waltr uses a non-contact water level monitor sensor, which has a much higher lifetime as users do not have to worry about corrosion. This ensures that the device lasts longer, saving users money on replacement costs.

Here are a few ways you can help you conserve water with Waltr Smart Water Monitor:

  • Track Your Water Usage: The Smart Water Monitor tracks your water usage and provides you with a detailed breakdown of how much water you're using in real-time. By knowing how much water you're using, you can identify areas where you can cut back and conserve water.

  • Leak Detection: Waltr’s water management device can detect leaks in your plumbing system by monitoring your water usage. If it detects an unusual increase in your water usage, it will send you an alert, allowing you to quickly identify and fix the leak.

  • Set Water Usage Goals: Waltr’s water level monitor allows you to set water usage goals based on your needs and habits. You can set goals for daily or monthly water usage, and the device will track your progress and notify you if you're exceeding your goals.

  • Receive Water Conservation Tips: The Smart Water Monitor provides you with water conservation tips based on your water usage patterns. It can suggest changes in your habits or recommend products that can help you save water.

  • Monitor Outdoor Water Usage: The Smart Water Monitor can also monitor your outdoor water usage, including sprinkler systems, and provide you with insights into how much water you're using. This can help you optimize your outdoor watering schedule and save water.

  • Avoid Overflows: By monitoring water levels in real-time, Waltr’s water level sensor can help prevent tank overflows. This is especially important in areas with limited water resources, where every drop counts.

  • Prevent Underflows: Waltr’s water level sensor provides custom water level notifications at specified thresholds. Users can set the desired water level threshold, and the device will send notifications when the water level drops below that threshold. This feature ensures that users always have enough water and can plan accordingly. This is important for ensuring a consistent water supply and avoiding damage to water pumps or other equipment.

  • Automate Water Refilling: With Waltr’s water level sensor, you can automate the process of refilling the water tank. This can save time and ensure that the tank is always at the optimal water level.


Overall, Waltr’s water level sensor can be an effective tool for water management, monitoring, and water conservation. It can help maintain water efficiency, promote efficient water usage, and ensure a consistent water supply. These smart devices that can help you conserve water, save money, avoid inconvenience, manage your water usage, and be more environmentally friendly.

So, if you're looking for a simple and effective way to conserve water and be more environmentally friendly, a water level monitor may be just what you need.



Water is one of the most precious resources on our planet, and it is essential for life. Unfortunately, access to clean water is becoming increasingly scarce, and the demand for it is only growing. This is why it's important for us to use water wisely and conserve it whenever possible. One way to do this is by using a water level monitor, which can help you keep track of the water levels in your tank or sump and ensure that you're using water efficiently.

The Waltr water management and monitoring design is a smart device that can be easily installed on your water tank or sump. It connects to your home Wi-Fi network and measures the water level in your tank in real-time using an ultrasonic sensor that is accurate up to 2 mm. The data is then sent to the user via the internet, so they can easily monitor their water usage and take action if necessary.

Waltr’s a water level monitor can also help you be more environmentally friendly. By aiding in water conservation and using it more efficiently, you can reduce your impact on the environment and help ensure that future generations have access to clean water. This is especially important in areas where access to clean water is limited or where water scarcity is a major issue.

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