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What is Waltr?

​Waltr is an internet connected level sensor for water tanks. It generates powerful consumption analytics which help you in managing and saving water, all from the comfort of your smartphone.

Why do I need this?

Reasons that you should own a waltr device : 1. Effectively manage your water consumption 2. Receive critical alerts when water in tank near empty or full 3. Know how water is being used 4. Know when to order the next water tank and many more...

Does the Waltr device require internet? Does the device need Wi-Fi?
Is the device waterproof?
Can it work for Concrete tanks?
How is Waltr powered? How long does one charge last?
Can I connect it to electricity?
How long wire do i get?
My tank does not get sunlight. How will it work?
I have 2 tanks. Can 1 device work with 2 tanks?
I have 5 floor building? Will it work?
I have a big tank. Will it work?
How much time it will take to install?
Do I get any warranty?
How to download the app?
App not working, what to do?
How many devices i can add in app?
How many users i can share my tank?
My device at home, can i access while in office?
How to reset the device to default state?
How to change tank name? How to change tank height?