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How waltr will reduce my costs?

How waltr will reduce my costs?

IoT-based water management system reduce cost
IoT-based water management system reduce cost

Water is regarded as the most valuable commodity on the planet, as well as the most basic requirement for human survival. It is anticipated that 1.8 billion people will live in water-stressed areas by 2025 as a result of growing urbanisation. Water management is currently a severe issue in many parts of the world, including bustling urban cities and many people do not have access to safe drinking water. Moreover, water wastage also proves to be costly for people in the long run in terms of both finances and resource availability. 

Water challenges are caused by a variety of factors, including inefficient infrastructure, water contamination, and poorly designed water management systems. Aside from this, there is also a need to reduce waste in water-intensive businesses, and adequate monitoring of water quality. Introducing smart water management technologies in our utilities can optimise our water usage to avert future water scarcity. Smart water systems using IoT and AI technologies are specifically designed to prevent such water-related disruptions from occurring and restore the damage caused by the improper use of water resources while proving ideal for cost reduction strategy.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT devices) Smart Water Management

An IoT smart water management system is a method that uses IoT hardware and software to plan, allocate, and monitor water resources. Sensors, controllers, actuators, relays, metres, and other equipment are linked to mobile, online, and data processing and analysis tools in IoT water management systems. This lays the groundwork for effective water supply management, freshwater quality monitoring, pollution detection, and other activities. 

IoT water management systems include sensors connected to water tanks that capture real-time data on water level, flow, and other parameters. The data is then sent over the Internet to a cloud server for further processing and analysis. The findings help in effective water resource management, equipment upkeep as well and long-term cost reduction which may arise due to various factors of maintenance, electricity and water wastage.

Waltr’s IoT Smart Water Management System that Leads to Cost Savings

Smart water management is all about using water wisely and sustainably. With a growing population, environmental challenges, and increased pressure on agriculture, water has become a critical resource. It's crucial to use water efficiently to address shortages and help individuals and businesses reduce costs.

The Waltr Smart Water Management using IoT systems is an innovative set of products crafted to reduce or even eliminate these water wastage challenges. The product line of Waltr’s IoT smart water management system includes three ingenious solutions:

  • Waltr A (Water Level Monitor): For people seeking an efficient water management solution, Waltr A, the water level and usage monitor, emerges as a cost-saving option. Using ultrasonic sensors, Waltr A keeps measuring the water level in the tank. The wireless connectivity and the availability of a cross-platform app enable you to monitor your water tank from any location and at any time.

  • It can also assist you in avoiding the inconvenience of running out of water. It might be inconvenient and annoying to run out of water suddenly if your water supply is provided by a sump pump or water tank, not to mention the added electricity cost. 

You can easily put it onto your water tank or sump, and it connects to your Wi-Fi. This smart water management system uses ultrasonic sensors that are highly precise, giving information to you in real-time over the internet. That means you can always check how much water you have without even being near your tank, making it a catalyst for water management to not just keep an eye on your water usage but also make smart decisions, thus saving on your monthly costs.

Furthermore, with its weatherproof and non-contact water level monitoring features, Waltr A assures you of an extended sensor lifespan, removing concerns related to corrosion. The provision of detailed hourly, daily, and monthly inflow-outflow data supports strategic planning and optimal resource utilisation. Both the hardware and software of Waltr’s smart water management system are internally designed enabling the water monitor to be tailored to the specific needs of the client. Additionally, it is made to be a modular system to increase reliability and higher flexibility. The smart water monitor is equally easy to use in a multi-story apartment as it is in a basic residential construction. 

As one of the best IoT smart water management systems, Waltr A not only saves you costs associated with potential water shortages but also serves as a valuable tool for promoting sustainable water usage practices.

  • Waltr B (Borewell Automatic Water Controller) : Waltr B, the Borewell Scheduler, is a cost-saving solution with a focus on efficient borewell management. This device specifically addresses the common issue of continuous borewell operation, which can result in heightened wear and tear and increased energy consumption. Through the Waltr app, you can conveniently schedule the borewell's activation and deactivation at customized time intervals, ensuring optimal borewell health and a prolonged lifespan. 

The technical advancements in this intelligent water management system eliminate the necessity for manual control over the borewell, saving you both time and effort. Moreover, the ability to monitor the Borewell's runtime contributes to energy conservation, translating into noticeable cost reductions on your electricity bills. The shared access feature enhances the device's utility, allowing an unlimited number of users to collaborate on borewell scheduling, further maximizing its efficiency. 

  • Waltr C (Automatic Water Pump Controller) : With Waltr C, the Motor Controller, you can seamlessly automate your water system and effectively address crucial concerns linked to water shortage and tank overflow. Through real-time integration with Waltr A - Water Level Monitor, Waltr C guarantees a continuous water supply, eliminating the risk of unexpectedly running out of water. The device orchestrates the automatic activation and deactivation of the motor at personalized water levels, aligning precisely with your preferences. This not only secures a consistent and reliable water source but also prevents unnecessary tank overflows, leading to significant water conservation and resulting cost savings. Leveraging wireless connectivity, Waltr C, managed through the Waltr app from any location, offers you enhanced control and operational efficiency. 

The shared access feature extends collaborative water management efforts, enabling designated recipients to remotely monitor and manage the device. In essence, Waltr C not only assures optimal water availability but also actively contributes to fostering sustainable water usage practices, delivering tangible cost benefits for you.

IoT water management systems by Waltr, use advanced analytics to provide insights into water usage patterns. This data assists people in optimizing their water distribution strategies, ensuring that water is allocated efficiently. By understanding peak usage times and identifying areas of excessive consumption, people can tailor their water supply to meet actual demand, minimising unnecessary expenses. Access to real-time analytics is a game-changer in the case of Waltr’s smart water management system. People can make informed decisions based on data on water usage, and system health. This helps respond to emerging issues promptly and optimize resource usage for maximum cost-effectiveness.

Many regions have stringent regulations regarding water usage and quality. Non-compliance with the standards may lead to hefty fines. An IoT smart water management system ensures that people adhere to these regulations by providing accurate records of water usage. By avoiding regulatory penalties and fines, people can prevent unnecessary financial burdens.


Incorporating an IoT water management system is not just a technological upgrade; it's a strategic investment in the long-term saving of electric bill and water tank maintenance costs. The system's ability to monitor, predict, and optimize water usage translates into tangible savings. 

Traditional water management often relies on manual monitoring and periodic checks, leading to inefficiencies and sometimes, unnoticed water wastage. With IoT devices, water management becomes a smart, real-time process. It offers solutions that ensure optimal utilisation of water sources, enabling cost optimisation through improving water quality. Waltr, a leading provider of IoT smart water management solutions, has several years of expertise assisting companies in implementing effective smart water management systems to minimise maintenance costs and focus more on system productivity. Leveraging the IoT smart water management system technology from Waltr not only helps users benefit from its cost-effectiveness in the long run but also contributes to the more sustainable and responsible use of our precious water resources.