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Monitor, Conserve, Sustain: The smart water monitor’s role in a greener world

Monitor, Conserve, Sustain: The smart water monitor’s role in a greener world

smart water management
smart water management

We all read it in the books years back, in the newspapers, heard it from scientists and water-warriors who worked towards conserving water- the world will see the impact of wasting water in a few years. Switch to a decade later, it is happening, in our homes, on our land. We are witnessing a visible water-crisis. We see the worst droughts affecting significant lands, people dying of water inaccessibility, and countries fighting for water sources.  The world has come to a point when we cannot afford to lose a single drop of water, and conserving it is our only hope for tomorrow.

As the proverb “Water is the driving force for all nature” is proving itself true, we need to look for smart ways to monitor, conserve and sustain water not just on a large scale but also in our homes, apartments, offices, complexes and every residential or commercial space possible. 

Waltr’s smart water monitor system is the ideal fit in such a scenario with its innovative feature of tracking consumption and level of water in real-time. With an initiative towards a greener, more sustainable world, Waltr smart water monitor based on ultrasonic sensor technology  is taking strides to provide users with accurate data every single time. 

Role of Waltr Smart Water Monitor in a Greener World

The Waltr smart water monitor measures water consumption in real-time, as well as locating wasteful and excessive usage areas, modifying usage patterns, and predicting future consumption. Large families, hotels, commercial buildings, universities, schools, and even individual residences can all change their water usage patterns to achieve their sustainability and financial goals with the aid of a water management monitoring system.

The biggest benefit is that when people examine their own consumption data, they begin actively making efforts to optimize their use. Users can view per inlet consumption, historical or average consumption, or even compare their consumption through smartphones, which motivates them to reduce waste.

This concept is based on the notion that for most households, building residential or commercial buildings, it can get challenging to keep real track of the water level in tanks, as well as every drop consumed or wasted. This has a direct impact on the overall availability of water across the globe.  A glass of water wasted in your home could be life saving for a parched child in a drought ridden region in Maharashtra or Africa. Such is the impact of water wastage that technology has evolved with cutting-edge water solutions that support effectiveness and sustainability at individual levels. To monitor, manage, and regulate water usage and quality, IoT-connected smart water management technologies have been established which offers real-time data on the water level in the tank in your homes, apartments, office buildings, hotels or complexes. 

Working on these lines and towards a greener world, the Smart Water Monitor by Waltr measures the water depth in your water tank using a non-contact ultrasonic sensor. Installing this smart device on your water tank or sump is straightforward. It utilizes an ultrasonic sensor with a 2 mm accuracy to determine the water level in your tank in real time while connected to your home Wi-Fi network. The user may immediately monitor their water usage and take the necessary action after the data is delivered to them via the internet.

Waltr smart water monitor is packed with features that promote a sustainable water management, including-
  • Internet Connectivity to give you access to real-time information about your water tank from anywhere in the world.

  • Adaptable to the needs of the client. 

  • Ability to withstand challenging environmental conditions.

  • Real-time input and outflow statistics from the tank to monitor the health of the water system.

  • Precise, accurate, and thorough results.

Why use Waltr’s Smart Water Monitor

71% of the Earth's surface is covered in water. The oceans contain salt water, which makes up 96.5% of the total amount of water on Earth. If 96.5% of the water on Earth is salt water, then there should be 3.5% fresh water. Almost 69% of freshwater is frozen in glaciers and ice caps, which is technically true. Many of the hydrologic needs of people around the world are met by groundwater in areas where surface water sources, including lakes and rivers, are limited or inaccessible. NASA highlighted in 2015 that 21 of the world's largest 37 aquifers were past their sustainability tipping thresholds, which indicates that more water is being drawn out than being replaced in these crucial underground reservoirs. 35% of the water utilized by humans globally comes from underground aquifers. Animal agriculture is the main cause of water depletion, while human activity is to blame for the world's water shortage. 

Water is crucial for supporting communities, preserving ecosystems, fostering inclusive sustainable development, and assuring economic growth. Individuals must make increasingly moral purchasing decisions. Water resource conservation is important since apartments use a lot of water each day and more people are projected to live in apartments as the population rises. Sustainable water management techniques can aid in the conservation of water resources, which are limited and coming under growing strain from population expansion and climate change. This is what the Waltr water level monitor is designed to achieve for a sustainable future. 

Waltr's water level monitor's ability to find potential leaks and waste is one of its most important benefits. You can look into any leaks or other problems that may be generating the waste, for instance, if you see that the water levels are rapidly dropping. This might assist you in conserving water and cutting down on water costs. By reducing the quantity of water used, sustainable water management techniques can help both renters and landlords save money on their water bills. This also has the potential to save a lot of money over time, particularly for large apartment buildings. Furthermore, sustainable water management techniques can aid in lowering buildings' carbon footprints, which is crucial for preventing climate change.

Additionally, it might assist you in avoiding the problem of running out of water. It can be annoying and uncomfortable to run out of water unexpectedly if you depend on a water tank or sump for your water supply. You can ensure that you always have enough water on hand to meet your demands by keeping an eye on the water levels in your tank or sump.


The need for fresh water is rising as cities continue to become more urbanized, making it difficult to meet this need. Civic organizations lack proper water infrastructure, and weather patterns have become more unpredictable due to climate change. We have a developing water crisis as a result of mismanaged water resources and unsustainable water practices.

In India, numerous residential colonies and individual residences are employing technology to conserve water as a result of this scenario. They are putting in waste-water treatment facilities to recycle water in their societies, installing smart water meters to monitor water use, and even creating drinking water out of thin air.

Explore the foundational importance of water level monitoring in our earlier blog: 'Why Is Monitoring Water Level Important.' Understanding the significance of monitoring water levels not only helps you avoid inconveniences but also contributes to more sustainable water usage practices.

Waltr's smart water monitor fits the bill just right to help be more environmentally conscious. By encouraging water conservation and effective water use, you can ensure that future generations have access to clean water. This is especially important in areas with poor access to clean water or where severe water shortages are an issue.