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How can you save money and water with Waltr in your apartment complex?

How can you save money and water with Waltr in your apartment complex?

Efficient water management is not just about conserving water, it's also about saving money. With solutions like Waltr, the potential savings go beyond expectations. Let's explore how effective water management can lead to significant financial benefits. 

Water scarcity worsened by climate change induced droughts is a pressing issue, leading to immense suffering and waterborne diseases due to a lack of clean water. Daily wastage of water and energy, often stemming from negligence, compounds this problem, particularly in urban areas where inefficient practices like overflowing tanks and unmaintained pumps persist, resulting in higher utility bills.  

However, even small adjustments can yield significant impact when undertaken collectively. Devices like Waltr help save water and money by keeping track of how much water come into the water storage and how much has been used. They make sure that you use water wisely by keeping track of the inflow outflow and automatically delivering water when needed, which also saves you on electricity and lowers your bills. Additionally, Waltr helps your water equipment last longer, making it more durable and reliable. This not only promotes sustainability but also helps you stay financially stable.  

Following the integration of our products, customers have experienced large savings, ranging from 10% to over 30% on their water-related expenses. Waltr presents a comprehensive suite of products designed to tackle critical challenges in water management:  

  • Waltr A monitors tank water levels and usage

  • Waltr B schedules borewells for optimal yield

  • Waltr C does automatic control of pumps and tracks motor health

  • Waltr Q monitors water quality.

These solutions efficiently streamline operations by averting water overflow, unnecessary motor usage, and reducing workforce efforts. With the convenience of accessing information from any location with the Waltr App, (coupled with built-in internet connectivity of Waltr devices) enables effortless capture and sharing of device activities. This helps in the swift identification of incidents like leakages and overruns for retrospective analysis. Users enjoy a seamless experience across both the Waltr App and web platforms, ensuring accessibility and user-friendly operation.

Managing water made simple, easy identification of inefficiencies 

Case Study:

In one of Bengaluru's largest apartment complexes, the introduction of Waltr devices has led to significant cost savings and better resource management. Before installing these devices, they faced hefty expenses due to issues like motor overruns and leakage, totaling a combined loss ₹30 lakhs annually as an added electricity and water expenses. Now, with 40 Waltr A and 39 Waltr C devices in place, they have eliminated this unnecessary expense. Even if you take the total cost of installing the Waltr devices, (which came to around ₹4.7 lakhs per annum) they still save more than ₹25 lakhs every year. This reduction in cost highlights the effectiveness of investing in innovative technologies like Waltr, not only in cutting operational costs but also in streamlining processes for greater efficiency and sustainability. This translates to a lower monthly maintenance cost for the residents.

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How does Waltr save you money: 
  • Water Usage Optimization: Real-time monitoring ensures efficient water usage, leading to reduced water bills and promoting sustainability. By finding and addressing inefficiencies, users save money on their water expenses.

  • Electricity Reduction: Advanced motor control eliminates unnecessary running, ensures no overflows and hence decreases electricity consumption, resulting in lower electricity bills over time. 

  • Prolonged Equipment Life: Waltr devices prolong the lifespan of water management equipment (pumps, borewells) by monitoring and controlling operations. For example, Waltr C regulates pumps based on real-time data, preventing wear and tear. This proactive approach reduces maintenance needs and saves users money eventually. 

  • Preventing protection damage: The system alerts you through the app based on your chosen threshold, helping prevent water overflow. This proactive measure avoids damage, saves on repairs, and provides peace of mind. 

  • Reduced Manual Labor: Waltr devices automate tasks like monitoring water quality and control operations, freeing up labor for other tasks, thus making operations more efficient. 

In conclusion, the benefits of using Waltr extends far beyond mere financial savings. Its ability to enhance operational efficiency and promote sustainability makes it a crucial investment for any organization or community looking to perfect water management practices.  

By mitigating the wastage of electricity and water, Waltr not only helps save costs but also contributes to environmental conservation and potentially even saves lives in urban areas reliant on tanker ecosystem.  

Take the first step towards a sustainable future by purchasing Waltr today and experience the transformative impact it can have on your community. For more understanding on how Waltr will help you to save more money and resources check our blog on How Waltr will reduce my costs.